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Drake ekarD

Hello all

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I made a mistake, who doesn't these days, and posted in the wrong forum last night lol. I didn't realize that Doom 3 and Classic doom were seperated out. Anyways, for those following I posted in classic doom a video of me playing around with a mod. Now what I did was go through the script files in the pk4 file of the weapons and make a few changes here and there. I will provide the changed files, the file contails two folders, inside those folders are the custom scripts. For this to work in perfected doom, open the perfected doom data pk4 file, drop the files in the correct folders, the .scripts in scripts, and the .def in the def folder. You can edit the player.def file to edit how much health and armor you are allowed, and the amount of ammo you can carry. As for the no reloading, well, if you downloaded the mod itself, I would compare the two files to see where the changes are, there were a few, but overly major.


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