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[WAD] Bloodified! (A 5-Level Doom WAD for Doom 2!)

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I just created a new WAD for Doom 2! Gentlemen and Doomguys, I present to you, Bloodified! A 5-Level Doom 2 WAD that replaces the five Doom 2 Levels from Entryway and The Waste Tunnels!


Some of the Icon of Sin-style parts was taken with permission from Requiem.wad! (PLS DON'T HATE.)


All the Maps:
Map01 - The Legend of Doomguy
Map02 - Death's Diamond
Map03 - Deadly Galore
Map04 - Kill Screen
Map05 - Happy Endings (Final Map!)


Download link to the WAD:

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36 minutes ago, Myst.Haruko said:

You can put it them in posting window below "click to choose files" or use picture sites like imgur. 

I can only attach files that are not above 5MB. And I do not know how to use imgur. And I wanted all the screenshots into one link. So I used MEGA.nz.

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After uploading an image to imgur, drag your mouse on the image, go to the downward arrow, click on "Share Links", you'll see a BBCode share code that can be used in most forums, Doomworld included. As you can tell, the link uses , so copy the link and paste it on your main post. This helps especially if you intend on using PNG images that would consume a good chunk of data. Also I believe you can make an album of images and link them one by one.

Edited by GuyNamedErick : Some corrections.

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22 hours ago, ShermanFromDeath said:

Some of the Icon of Sin-style parts was taken with permission from Requiem.wad! (PLS DON'T HATE.)

I'm somewhat surprised no one jumped on him for some part of this statement, based on some of the reactions I've seen to (shall we say) "inspired" portions of other maps.


Otherwise, the mega.nz link didn't work, at least not for me. If you're worried about your image files being too large to upload, just make them smaller (any number of programs can do it, even Paint). Then you could just edit your original post to add the screenshots.

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