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- Post your SNAPMAPS Here -

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Here we test & recommend new maps, promote maps/ anything / each map will receive a review or recommendation from myself or someone else: If you already have videos or reviews of your maps post them here along with a brief description & your snapmap ID number/ 


Current list of maps created :   Author name - ThePhobosAnomlay - 


Mars: Hell Followed ID# PUQ7ATXS    

-An early custom geo Mars Board, heavily inspired by Doom 3 /


Mars: Engineering Bay ID# L7UX9DGL

-One of my first ones, a large scale design of an outside Martian facility. Still holds well.


Phobos: The Monolith  ID #TYJMGXW7

-A Phobos inspired design based off of the famous Monolith standing there


Phobos: Orbital Strike  ID #HNKGPCPJ           

- Another Custom Phobos Facility/ Open world design


Deimos: Entryway ID #QZN9Z7XH

-Same Custom Geo concept/Open world 


Deimos: Argent Nightmare.  ID #B2BR843L

- A 4 player Coop mission, mostly with custom modules/ tons of demons with custom fx for demons


Mars: Argent Bloodfall BETA ID# M5X2VSP4

- Newest Series of heavily inspired Doom 3 maps, this one is singleplayer with more custom modules-


Mars: Argent Bloodfall 02 BETA ID# LTCQVXM5

-The newest map in production with DarkSniper, at the moment where working on better logic for improved fps, however it is playable. And most likely runs better on PC's with insane graphics cards. However must be optimized for consoles.





Here is a very good list of Great maps by other well known authors- By DarkSNIPER-



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I want to take this opportunity to promote my Snapmap: Memento Mori Machina


It's single player and focused on creating a polished and balanced map. There aren't any fancy custom geo but you will experience a strong singleplayer map that mimics the style of the campaign. Secret Doom level included.

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