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demopadr - a tool for fixing vanilla/choco demos with revenants

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demopadr is a commandline tool for fixing the revenant tracer issue with demos desyncing during the demo reel on the title screen on vanilla / chocolate doom. if you want to make a vanilla compatible wad and have revenants in your demos on the title screen, they may desync, and this tool will let you fix that. you need to run it on all 3 of your demos.


feel free to let me know if there are any issues. i will probably be uploading this to /idgames soon if there are none.


thanks to Ryath, Vita, Edward850, and Dew for help and/or testing. thanks to Fraggle for the choco doom source code (which I used to inform myself about the demo format). thanks to id software for doom of course.


demopadr is MIT license

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