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Summer Deep

Rocket jumps don't work in PrBoom plus and GLBoom plus?

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Apologies if this topic has been dealt with in another thread - it seems quite likely, but I've been unable to locate a reference. Anyway, the issue is just what the title suggests, namely that I cannot make rocket jumps work in the above source ports. There is little or no upward lifting action, and no damage to the player for that matter. The jumps work fine in ZDoom and GZDoom. Is there some setting I can alter to make things work in the former ports, or are they just not meant to work this way?

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PRBoom/PRBoom plus are as close to vanilla as possible while incorporating Boom features. That means explosions aside from Archvile attack to not apply vertical momentum to anything, including you. 

Rocketjumping in Doom consists of blasting against a wall to get more horizontal speed, but it does not allow you to "jump".


ZDoom and GZDoom treat explosions differently and apply vertical momentum if the target is not touching the ground.

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Thanks for the replies guys, that was pretty much what I suspected.


Though I'm still curious. I thought I'd read a few times that hardcore Doomers were doing rocket jumps of the vertical variety in the mid-1990s, which was presumably before the sourceport era, but I may be confusing that with Quake players. 


Anyway I was playing a fairly obscure 1995 map recently (this one: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/d-f/fubar), and the only way I could access a couple of areas was by rocket jumps:





The wad's author insists that the jump from the stairs to the red key area is possible (first clip), but it seemed well out of reach of my attempts at SR40 runs, so I assumed he meant a rocket jump. Likewise in the second clip I searched almost every inch of the map for a switch, hidden or otherwise, which would open up that entry to the final area, but the rocket jump seemed the only option. Maybe I'm missing something here....

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Because you are not supposed to do that.

"You can jump there" is a troll trap.

I played throuhg the map quickly. You are supposed to find other keys and use them to open a nearby door that leads to the switch, which lowers this section for a few moments enough for you to run up to it and grab the key.

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I've also just played that (thanks for the recommendation; it was good, except for being too dark). I think you have misunderstood what the stair jump is referring to. All the text file says is this:


Dark, evil, difficult.  Good for CO-OP play or hard-core single play.

Did I say it was dark and evil?

Note: it >is< possible to make the stair jump.

One more thing- it's oh so much more fun to play when you don't cheat.

It does not mention the red key, which I believe is indeed meant to be accessed by the lift switch behind the blue door. I think instead the stair jump refers to the area after the red door, where there is a thin, zig-zagging staircase that looks like a tadpole on the automap. At the top (the head, as it were) there is a teleporter surrounded on three sides by green marble pillars, and on the fourth a raised barrier.



At first I thought I had missed a switch, but unable to find one I resorted to the map editor which showed one did not exist. There is no way to lower the barrier. It was at that point I realised it was this part that the text file must have been referring to. You must climb the tadpole tail carefully then hurl yourself off the end in order to clear the barrier. This is tricky to say the least.



Edit: should have watched the second video, sorry. But still, here it is in doom2 complevel without rocket jumps: fubar-nomonsters.lmp



Edited by RjY

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^ Yep, thanks for that, you and the previous poster were quite right in your assessments. I did manage that jump on the winding 'stairway' after about six attempts, and it was in fact easier than getting to the red key platform before it was raised again. In the latter case, I actually found it easier to get onto the platform in the wall at the back of the room, then jump down onto the red key area as it lowered.


You might be interested in trying the sequel to that map. It's pretty tricky with some dark areas and obscure progression, and without the ludicrously excessive supplies of health, armour and ammo.





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On 1/22/2018 at 5:39 PM, Summer Deep said:

I thought I'd read a few times that hardcore Doomers were doing rocket jumps of the vertical variety in the mid-1990s, which was presumably before the sourceport era, but I may be confusing that with Quake players. 

I don't think there's any version of any official Doom engine (pure Doom, not counting Hexen/Strife or unofficial source ports) that supports jumping.

And I don't know in Hexen, but at least in Strife explosions will only push you sideways, never upwards.


I don't think rocket jumping ever existed before Quake introduced it.

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