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Patches and Fixes pack for the Doom family in Zdoom

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This is a little package with patches/fixes/improvements/oddities i did through the years to make my personal perfect versions of Doom.

(In the same vein of those that fixes E4 secrets... or align the sprites etc...)

These are for Zdoom, but feel free to edit them for your engine of choice without prompt. Same with sharing around.





It includes:


3do_plutonia.deh - A Dehacked that helps you load the music tracks from 3do.pk3 (The amazing soundrack of the 3do version of Doom) with Plutonia's Iwad.


3do_plutsmoosh.pk3 - The same as the above, but for the Plutonia version of Wadsmoosh.


chex2zfix.wad - Makes Zdoom load Chex's pwad Chex2.wad correctly (Name levels, enemy movement and names, etc...)


doomuto1.wad - It changes any version of Doom.wad to the first version of doom ever released. I just made it to satisfy my curiosity.

(Also partially compatible with the Eternity Engine)


e1m10.wad - Adds a fixed version of e1m10 from the xbox version of doom to Doom.wad with a new proper but conservative secret exit. (Can be used with Wadsmoosh) (Also partially compatible with the Eternity Engine)


e4par.deh - A Dehacked with the oficial times for Episode 4 of Ultimate Doom. (I wonder why these weren't included with Zdoom in the first place...)

EDIT: E4 Par Times are now included in gzdoom.pk3 by default, making this file useless in the latest versions.


force3ep.pk3 - Forces to only show the 3 original episodes of Doom.wad, made for map replacements that only change these episodes (ex: Doom the Way id Did)

(Also fully compatible with the Eternity Engine)


hexdd_musicfix.pk3 - a sndinfo to fix  the music in Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel, since the only comercial release available nowadays is bugged and DOS patchers aren't exactly fun to use in modern OSes (I also wonder why these weren't fixed within Zdoom too...)


linkep_d1.wad - It conects the 3 original episodes of Doom in a smooth way that doesn't feel like cheating.


map33.wad - Adds a fixed version of map33 from the xbox version of doom2 to Doom2.wad with a little better but conservative secret exit. (To use in Doom2f.wad, set language to "fr".)

(Also fully compatible with the Eternity Engine)


nervefix.wad - Basically is "what if the devs of Doom III BFG actually cared" fix for nerve.wad. It gives a better presentation based on the 360 version with it's secrets fixed. (It also should be compatible with the wadsmoosh version and most Master Levels compilations)


simplehud_hacx_iwad.wad - a simple but nice fullscreen hud for the iwad versions of HACX.


xdth_fixed.wad - It included a propelly aligned and adapted version of the console gib animation for doomguy's face in the hud. As an extra it also have a simple but but nice fullscreen hud


xdth_fixed_free.wad - Same as the above but for Freedoom.



Edited by JCST : miscellaneous small fixes to the patches

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14 minutes ago, EffinghamHuffnagel said:

"We are generating a new download key for this file." Broken.

That's a first on Mediafire... Thanks for the warning.

I uploaded directly to Doomworld now, it should be fixed.

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2 hours ago, Litrivin said:


M_PLUT (the graphic itself) contains a very obvious typo.

Luckily only old versions of Wadsmoosh actually needed that graphic.

It's fixed now, thanks for the warning.

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GZdoom 4.0.0 supports big episode lists now, so i took the chance to use it for an integrated menu for the Master Levels, since i'm not 100% fan of the complex hubs menus and sequential levels aproach that are out there.


Download simplemenu_master and use it combined with the master.wad that is generated by Blzut3's tool.

The levels use their original music and are isolated from each other with this... unless for some reason you are having nightmares. Hell on Earth isn't selectable. It's really something just a little more conservative.

Edited by JCST

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