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Who was the most badass marine (npcs)?

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Technically, Sergeant Kelly is, since he ambushed Campbell and took his BFG, however, he may have been Demon-empowered and thus in the possession of an advantage.


Campbell is set up to be this intimidating badass armed with the best, most powerful weapon made by Man, but a part of me can't help but think that he's all show. An early story draft depicted him as a bit of a psycho, too violent and undisciplined to join (and remain for long) in an official military force. You may draw your own conclusions from that.

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As far as marine NPCs go, I'm not so sure any of them are really badass.The nameless main character marine is the only one who really ends up holding his own. The rest end up getting killed or become possessed...

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If this wasn't restricted to Doom 3 then maybe Phobos from Quake III Arena? His backstory makes out he was one of the longest surviving marines before Doomguy.

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On 2018-01-23 at 10:41 AM, dsm said:

An early story draft depicted him as a bit of a psycho

Where can I read this draft?

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Sorry about my late reply.

It's in the book The Making of Doom 3. Elliot Swann is depicted as a Lawyer with shitty social skills.


I'll quote from it:

"Not that I liked Campbell any better. The Guy Had the feel of a mercenary - somebody who liked killing too much to join an army. Armies have rules about when and where to kill.

Campbell reminded me of a bayonet in an undersized scabbard. His sharp edges were covered, but barely.

Swann, who was undoubtedly Albert Friggin' Einstein in a courtroom, lacked the social intelligence to know he was tempting death."

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