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Has anyone here ever compiled EDGE?

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Has anyone here ever compiled EDGE? I've been trying for ages and no go.
If someone could give me some step-by-step instructions that would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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Where do I start?

I DLed the the source code(1.27) downloaded the Borland 5.5 compiler, and then tried to follow the instructions in the readme file inside the win32 directory of the edge source code.

And now I'm lost!

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OK, as usuall I had to figure it out by myself.

Jesus! I actually have tears in my eyes!!

After fighting with the EDGE source for YEARS it has finally given up it's secrets to me!!

I DID IT!!! The problem is that the makefiles and the directories are all over the place. I had to go tweaking here and there, and create the directories that the damn compiler was looking for.

Here's some step by step instructions to save other people the anguish that I've suffered :-)
1. Install Borland 5.5 into the default directory: c:\borland\bcc55 I think it was.

2. Create two files inside the c:\borland\bcc55\bin directory
*The first file is called bcc32.cfg and contains these twolines:
*The second file is called ilink32.cfg and contains this line:

3. Add this line to your autoexec.bat (please don't complain to me if you kill your PC).

4. unzip the EDGE source code with directories intact to c:\borland

5. *Create a directory called obj inside the directory C:\Borland\BCC55\edge127\win32.
*Create a directory called obj inside the directory C:\Borland\BCC55\edge127\glbsp\plugin

6. Make a copy of the edge.ico and rename it gledge.ico

7. Take a break!!!

8. Open C:\Borland\BCC55\edge127\win32\makefile.bcc and look for the line
and replace it with this

9. Open C:\Borland\BCC55\edge127\glbsp\plugin\makefile.bcc and look for the line
and replace it with

now look for the line
and replace it with

10. Now you'll have to turn off your PC and reboot, so that the changes in autoexec.bat take effect.
Note: If for some reason windows doesn't start up then type cd windows and then type win: this will get you into windows where you can remove that line we added to autoexec.bat ;-) There shouldn't be any problem though.

11. Almost ready to compile EDGE!! Fisrt we've got to compile the glbsp plugin first. Open up MSDOS and go to C:\Borland\BCC55\edge127\glbsp\plugin
Then type this:
make -f makefile.bcc
Hopefully everything goes ok and some lines of text will appear. When it 's all gone quiet again move on to the next step :-)
12. Go to C:\Borland\BCC55\edge127\win32 and type this:
make -f makefile.bcc
If everything has gone according to plan, then when it finishes processing you should have a shiny edge32.exe inside your C:\Borland\BCC55\edge127\win32 directory!!

CONGRATULATIONS!! You've just compiled EDGE!! (cash donations are gratefully accepted to show your thanks for this great "Guide to compiling EDGE" ;-) hehe

BTW all of this is to compile the software version of EDGE 1.27 for Windows

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I've actually stuck up a "Guide to Compiling Edge 1.27" on my web site if anyone is interested. It's in the Links section under "Features"

It's a bit more up to date than what you see above, as I've moved the Edge code to it's own directory instead of having it inside the compilers where it might cause problems ;)

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