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World Doom League Winter 2018 signups are open!

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The signups for the 9th season of the World Doom League are now open! To those unfamiliar with it, the WDL is a 3vs3 Capture the Flag league hosted on Odamex. It boasts a rich history of 3 years and a half of eight successful seasons that provided no shortage of quality games and attendance from not just many established top players, but also many other newer players who rose to prominence thanks to the league's productive and helpful environment. Last season had seen record-breaking numbers with a whooping 49 entrants, and marked the first time a championship was awarded to a non top 2 seeded team! Aside from having arguably the highest level of CTF competition currently, it doesn't carry its own weight without all of the work done by some of the best administration and companionship there is in Doom competition.


For more details on the proceedings of the league, and where to find us, read this.


To any of you interested in signing up, please post your signup information in this this thread.


Hope to see you there! Also, if you have any questions regarding the WDL, feel free to post here so that I (or other WDL regulars) can answer them!

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Friendly reminder that signups will end in the 6th, which is in just a few days from now! Veterans and newcomers alike are more than welcome to get involved, of course.

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