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Wugo Heaving

Ultimate Simplicity... how do you access the secret level?

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Sorry if this is old news, I've searched, but come up with nothing...


I've just been playing through Ultimate Simplicity and cannot for the life of me work out how to access the secret level.


I IDCLEV'd level 32 to check it out, and noticed that the prologue text refers to you beating the final boss, so with that in mind, I explored the last level, (20) and noticed the teleport pillar has a fourth wall, marked with flaming texture and I clipped past it, and yes that's the secret exit, but that the barrier to it is always up.


So, baring in mind the text about beating the game, I thought I'd cracked it. I beat the boss and instead of going into the regular exit I went back... but the barrier is still up! I've scoured the map for switches after beating the boss, but can't work it out! Is there perhaps a unique script that only opens it if you finish the level/beat the boss in a particular time frame? Or am I missing something stupidly obvious? One thing I'll add is that I just cannot beat the boss without using god mode, so maybe that's stopping the hypothetical script from working? I.e. if you enter any cheat codes it won't let you access it? Or maybe it only opens on the hardest difficulty level? With the unique scripts in the game it's difficult to tell if it's something out of the ordinary from what you expect from Doom.



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This is what Agent Spork wrote to me years ago.


"Unfortunately, the boss at the end of Episode 2 had little to no 

difficulty adjustment for lower difficulty settings.


It's actually been quite a while since I last 

took a look at the WAD, and when I did I noticed that there actually 

seems to be an error in the map that leads to the secret exit. The 

secret exit actually opens up once you beat the second episode boss. If 

you go back through the teleporter instead of going through the exit, 

there's SUPPOSED to be a fourth teleporter that opens up, which leads to 

the secret exit. But.. from what I'm seeing here, it's bugged and the 

bars blocking the fourth teleporter don't lower like they should. That's 

a pretty big oversight on my part. Anyway, if you want to see the secret 

level, you can noclip onto the other side of the bars for the fourth 

teleporter and just walk through. It's a fun little level I whipped up 

when I was still experimenting with ZDoom's features. :)"

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that pain elemental thing that looked like a deep sea fish? i remember he was hard... but then, the frame rates on the pc i had back then were all over the place. i have to play usimp again. really liked the last levels.

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