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[Debut Release] MMDCXIV - Journey into 27 Century

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I love every single thing about this map, like everything.

The visuals, the level design, the gameplay, the progression, everything is just too amazing for this being DooM anymore.

I just don't have words for this, you did a very good job with this, dude.

However, the only "bad" side of this would be...


Using Project Brutality was good, but not in the end.

The apparition of 300 or more enemies in the final part made my PC, which is made for this kind of stuff, super laggy and literally impossible to go through.

I literally had to parkour through the hordes but I had 10 HP close to the garage and now I'm on a infinite death loop.

Sadly, I can't do anything against this, I didn't have cheats on so I could at least save before dying and such but well.

At least I reached maybe the 80% of this, lol.


Well that's all!

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Oh yeah, thanks alot for the testing and feedback @Suitepee, definetly i'm going to do some more work on this wad during this year to improve experience on the next update.

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We've already talked via Discord about the map, but I'll share here as well how much I absolutely loved it and can't wait to see more!

Spectacular map, visuals, gameplay, music, everything about it was spot on.

The bit at the end requires some more ammo and health, but all in all it was great fun.


Gave the map a bit of a signal boost on my Twitter.


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Thanks @Terminus, during this week i gathered few ideas and even tried to make a song for this map pack, probably already start improving the experience by adding some more minor features that will improve immersion.

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