Legacy Mod (now with the ability to make corpses last!)



The post above demonstrates pretty much what this mod does. I wouldn't really be posting this otherwise, if it weren't for one major caveat:

This apparently now has the ability for the user to make demon corpses (specifically gibs) stay in the game world.


I found this comment both on another thread at r/Doom2016Mods and in the comment section for that one video I showed where a bunch of Barons got chainsawed and yet their corpses remained:



The following requires Legacy Mod for v6.67


These are the commands I use with good results but as stated, a body will still burn if it isnt gibbed in some way and even so, the main torso part may still burn away?! I know theres a setting in there somewhere to fully stop this but I havent found it as of this writing.


Most Gibs Stay. Chainsawed Enemies Stay.


Gore_NeverFadeAndRemove 1 Breakable_NofadeAndRemove 1 (exploded barrels etc will stay) dp_DeadRemoveDemonTime 50000000000 ai_MaxCorpses 1000 Corpse_OptimizationStartTime 5000000000 CorpseManager_MaxEntities 200 Gore_MaxLivingGoreEnts 1000 Af_ShowBodies 1

Corpse_UseEntityPool 0 G_EntityPoolMode 0


If anyone is able to give this a try, please post the results. We could finally have a Nitro Gore mod for Doom 2016.

EDIT: The reason I'm not able to try this myself is because while I technically have D2016 on Steam, not even my laptop has the horsepower to run it on minimum settings.

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