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I downloaded this, but now I'm off to bed. Will play tomorrow. Looks nice, perhaps a bit rectangular.

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I don't mind the orthogonality but still didn't like the map very much. On an open map like this, I'd say give the player something from the very start or make sure the player gets something no matter the route he takes. The first couple attempts I was walking around the map with just my gun getting sniped by hitscanners on ledges until in my third attempt I finally went towards the shotgun. Just making the shotgun visible from the player start would be enough.

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Never mind what I said about rectangles. Once I played it, I thought the design was very nice. Lots of detail and lots of real estate to explore. Parts of it reminded me of "Fear" from Thy Flesh Consumed. I actually enjoy this type of map where you don't necessarily have any idea what you're doing toward the beginning but you start to clear out enemies, notice some key doors, and eventually stumble upon a path that looks promising. 


On that point though, there were quite a few spots with very distant hitscanners. There was lots of health, but I just got frustrated and switched to ITYTD because I wanted to finish the level. Maybe a few more blue armors and change some of the distant and/or turret hitscanners to imps, even hell knights.


I had killed 43 enemies before even getting a chaingun. They were definitely not all humans and imps. Lots of demons, mancubi, cacodemons, even a baron of hell. The shotgun is probably my favorite weapon, but even I get a little annoyed when I have to single shotgun so many 400+ hit point monsters. I understand that could be simply the "bad luck" of the path I chose, so I don't know what to do about it necessarily, but it did get a little tedious toward the beginning.


I am not a big fan of "doors" that don't open, at least not so many.


Near the end, since the switches create the lifts, perhaps make them look more like traditional lifts. I wandered for a full two minutes before figuring out what I had to do. I never even realized the lifts had come up, since they look the same and I was a little preoccupied when I hit the switches in the first place, if you know what I mean.


Other than that, I very much enjoyed this map, especially the middle section.


I finished with something like 98% 85% 20%

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45 minutes ago, HAK3180 said:

I understand that could be simply the "bad luck" of the path I chose, so I don't know what to do about it necessarily, but it did get a little tedious toward the beginning.

I've thought about this. If you have an open map and you have multiple possible paths, some of which are intended to be harder then others, there should be some sort of visual cue to let you know that you're taking the harder path than the easier path. Doing it so that it's perhaps less obvious and more organic and still work with your map, may be a bit more involved.


For example, let's say you essentially have three paths from the beginning. The first way has mostly imps and chaingunners and you come across a super shotgun quickly. The second way has chaingunners and hell knights, but you find a plasma gun and a trove of cells after about 8 or 10 enemies. The third way has a dozen barons, five pain elementals, and six mancubi in the first four rooms and you don't get anything more powerful than the super shotgun and a berserk pack until room 5. It might pay to let people know that they're in for it if they proceed down the third path from the start.

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8 hours ago, mArt1And00m3r11339 said:

@Jthom I beat your level.



Cool video! I was not expecting somebody to find my wad and record it 8 months after release, out of the blue like that. I'm surprised you actually found all the secrets, some of them were pretty well hidden unless you open it up in a map editor. Also this version of the level is ridden with bugs, such as the missing enemy at the end. It is a revenant stuck somewhere you cant reach. Also, the yellow key door needs to be hugged right up against it otherwise there is a level-breaking bug where the ceiling lowers and closes the area off. Just a heads up if anyone else decides to play it. 


Incase anyone didn't see it, the music is Only Time Will Tell by Asia :]


So yea, thanks for playing my wad, this is probably the 3rd video I have found of it, and I must admit, it is pretty puzzling at some points, but very cool video nonetheless.

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