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Breaking Point...

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A thin, hairlike trickle of blood from his forehead, growing downwards into the beads of sweat, mixing with them, using them, down further, past his right eye. His eyes were open so wide, staring in disbelief at the ground, but not at thre ground... though it. His eyes darted within a small central range spamadically, as if he were following the movements of a hundred different ants scurrying between his legs. His mouth was open, jaw clencheing the air. He could breath, but then he couldn't, as if some realization was breaching him, he was giving in, and he was on the verge of breaking down completely. A tear streamed down his left cheek from around the corner of his eye, and the sounds of almost gagging came from deep within his throat, his hands, held up at his shoulder level, wrists facing upwards were convulsing, arms staying relatively in place, with his hands and wrists tensing and un-tensing.

He looked up and clenched his teeth and eyes, tears streaming from the latter. He let out a low moan as he did so. His whole body tensed as he focused and the blood rushed to his head. When he released, his eyes opened and he was staring at the ground again. He threw his head to look to both his sides. He was alone, but there was no silence. In his mind the screaming went on and on and on and on in rage and in fear and in pain and in anger and in pain and in loss and in anger on and on and on... He tensed up again, and when he opened his eyes again he could feel the veins in his eyeballs throbbing. He... he wanted them to pay... he wanted to beat them... to tear them apart with his bare hands... with his bare teeth... to rip and to tear the flesh... to feel bones snap as he twisted... as he twisted them like dead cedar sticks...

He thrashed around himself violently and stood up, still thrashing, eyes blinking incoherently, and he screamed as much as a man could scream... the roar of a beast without fear, without restraint, without life. He would tear them apart, all those that had come from the shadows... whatever they were he would make them suffer under and he would bask in that warmth...

But even with all of his anger and all of the power it gave him and as many as he broke apart... he would die here. He would die.

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/me gives EllipsusD some feedback... j/k

creepy man,....good work

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