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Is there a tool that can tell you what features a WAD uses?

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I'm writing a launcher, and I'm wondering if I can make some educated guesses on compatibility by sniffing the WAD for features; i.e. Boom, ACS, DECORATE, UDMF &c.


Existing documentation, in general, is very poor at listing exactly when and where different features became available in different engines, so I additionally have the issue of testing when certain features become available on different engines (I am already compiling a history of release-notes), so if there existed a set of WAD files that used each feature individually, I could narrow this data down.


I can code, but I'm not familiar with internal WAD formats, and I feel like this would be better done by extending GZDoom or some-such to spit out a list of stuff it detects during its usual WAD-loading.

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Doom Builder and its derivatives attempt to do it with decent success. So you can check their source codes.

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