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Custom maps for Doom 3 BFG Edition

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Hi there, I want to share you guys some custom maps who were made for the original Doom 3 but with RBDoom 3 BFG + Some extra work (Ex: convert sounds from .ogg to .wav 16 bits, add some missing models and sounds in the BFG Edition from the original Doom 3 , etc..) you can play it with Doom 3 BFG Edition.


Already finnished: 




  • Tested v7.1
  • InHell - Directors Cut
  • The Gatehouse

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Well you can also use "Classic RBDoom3BFG" instead if you don't want to convert .ogg to 16-bit .wav. (Since it has support for .ogg on Doom3)

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Amazing! I wonder why there are not many people who convert D3 maps to BFG Edition. Do you know where I can download more? I couldn't find anything. 

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