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Bend geometry?


I have complex geometry like this:


and I want this to be like a circular wall (you know what I mean I hope :D). Shift+C doesnt help cause it does curve from every single line independently, but I am looking for something like Bend tools in C4D or Blender


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Instead of focusing on how to do it, I gave like to the map. Anyway, I could maybe write that tool myself if there was a way to do Doom Builder macros for linedef modifying, sector building and so, do you know any good way to start with this?

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Checking source codes of existing (GZ)Doom Builder plugins is the only thing I can think of.

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1 hour ago, scifista42 said:

No automatic way to do that out of existing map geometry, but see this post for how to be efficient at doing it manually.

The section of the post that you linked to show's @Urthar's process during the creation of his map. While I loved the insight when I read that post (and still love the insight after looking at it again), I don't think it directly answers the original post.


You can see from some of the pictures in that post how he made some of the curved walls. While the vertices don't line up on the grid shown, he either just used a smaller grid or drew them free-hand (I would think the former option due to the uniformity of the curves). Without knowing the exact geometry in 3D, I think what @NinjaLiquidator is going to have to do is start by connecting the points at the extreme edge of each line. A very rough start to the concept of what I'm talking about it shown below. Then, with smaller and smaller grid sizes, add vertices to achieve a shape closer to a curve. The general concept would work anywhere on the line, of course.



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