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Doomseeker: Project Brutality - Protected Lump Authentication Failure

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Despite downloading every single wad from the server host's wad database, removing all of my other wads, and redownloading both zandronum and doomseeker, the server in question fails to load.


I've even went so far as to contact the server host's owner - that is, the owner of Nuclear Empire himself - and have a lengthy discussion about it.


I've got nothing. Any ideas? Is it Doomseeker? Zandronum? My IP? (Additionally, I've verified my DOOM2 wad file.)


EDIT: Through offline testing, the hpbar or newcolors mods do not appear to be working. Maybe that's relevant? Also, the person I was speaking with prior connected just fine.

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Elaborating on the issue, all associated PWAD's load just fine. Could it be the locations of the files that are causing issue? Do I need to put NewCoulors into the Zandronum skins folder, to run it? This was not a problem for me three months ago, so I have no idea why the changes are messing with me - it could be a configuration of the Zandronum 3.0 files, considering I'd just updated it moments prior.


Upon further testing, it does not work on any of the computers at the library - so, perhaps asking the server owner to test it wasn't the smartest idea.

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