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Tangerine Nightmare Demos (-Complevel 2)

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This is the demo thread for Tangerine Nightmare , the wad made by the French community. The final version is not on idgames for now , but will be here soon.


/!\  Map 08 must be played on complevel 9 ! This is because spawned monsters stay stuck.


Link to the wad on idgames : TN


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Yep , because the link was replaced after an unexpected problem. It should work now.

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On 28.01.2018 at 2:12 AM, lirui1001 said:

A few random runs. All of my runs can be improved by about 20%-50%, depending on maps.


Map01 UV Max in 2:36-tn01-236.zip

Map02 UV Max in 4:48-tn02-448.zip

Map03 UV Max in 6:49-tn03-649.zip

Map04 UV Max in 10:29-tn04-1029.zip

MAP04 run misses one monster

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7 hours ago, vdgg said:

MAP04 run misses one monster

missed one? Oh my. It must be one revived by AV. I'll double check it.

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Okay, I think I can answer myself: because the full version got uploaded. Fan-fucking-tastic.


Here's an inferior run:

Map01 UV-Max in 2:35




Actually, scratch that, here's a vastly superior run:

Map01 UV-Max in 2:26



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Posted (edited)
56 minutes ago, WH-Wilou84 said:

Thanks for the demos, guys.

Here's a max of map10, as promised earlier.
Gave me quite a lot of trouble, but I eventually got a successful exit. :)

I've also attached my best (failed) attempt, which was a very nice demo up until the very end, hehe.

YouTube link :



Are you using an older version? I can't watch the demo; it just goes to Refueling Base. :0


Also, where did the name "Umbreion Nils" come from?

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Posted (edited)

@ Poncho : I'm using the /idgames version.
Map 10 should be replaced regardless of the wad version though, if you get Doom II map 10 you're doing something wrong. :)

You should turn off the spechits emulation (and I should've mentioned that in the readme file), as my monster teleporter setups involve a bunch of redundant teleporting lines for efficiency and it can lead to problems when monsters cross too many of these lines in -complevel 2.

As for the map name, it's just another cryptic word combination from me, based on "Umbra" and "Nil".
Another name candidate was "The Umbrakleion", which I'll reuse someplace else if given the opportunity.

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V1perK1ller's Map05 strategy has made me appreciate the map a lot more than when I did during the DWMegawad run through it. Thanks, mate. :D

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Map01 UV Max in 1:45



I always think going to the balcony area is quicker, so there's this. The best time I touch the Green Door is usually by 0:58, but this time is around 1:01. Therefore, I think this can be improved even more.


Map01 NM Speed in 1:17



Accidentally discovered this Green Key trick during planning for UV Max, but I'm not very good at it, and I'm not sure whether this can be used in Max runs. Also, the map should be able to be finished without the Armor, I think.

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