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Tangerine Nightmare Demos (-Complevel 2)

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2 hours ago, Roofi said:

Map 08 uv-max in 8:37


Demo done on complevel 9 (Teleport destinations stay buggy anyways...)



Bon travail, mate. Yeah, casually it's a breeze, but to actually kill everything is just a pain.

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A long overdue demo of map 05 (my map). UV-Max in slightly more than 12 minutes heh. 

I know, I'm not the greatest player but still, I always wanted to at least make a successful map 05 demo. And so, here it is. 

There are dumb moments (like a dime rocket for example) but heh, I decided to leave it as is. It's more fun that way. 


Recorded with prboom+ (or, I don't remember which version I have but, it's one of the two). CL2



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Map09 UV-Speed in 0:34



Went for all secrets last time (I think), so realistically it's a UV-Max. Oh well, here's a UV-Speed. Maybe 4shockblast could do this in 25 seconds flat, or something...

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