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In my childhood I played along with Doom and Quake one video game. It was a usual educational game for children that's called "English & German For Children". It was created by Donetsk Institute in 1996. There was nothing special. The only thing that was interesting there was a video with very low quality (sorry for my English because I'm from Russia) and not bad music.


I've noticed that some video sequences and animations have familiar compositions. Something I identified by myself (DETONATI.AVI is a Talk Talk - Life's What You Make It), something by Shazam 


HAUTBO_A.wav - Concerto in F Major, RV306: II Grave by Philharmonica Orchestra
FLAUTA_A.wav - Concerto No. 2 In D Major, K. 314 - III. Rondeau (Allegro) (Mozart) by James Galway
PARROT_A.WAV is a Bart Simpson's "Deep Deep Trouble"
CHAMALEO.AVI - Harry Kapuni & His Royal Polynesians - To You Sweetheart Aloha - Ukulele Hawaii
ZEPPELIN.AVI - Symphony No. 9 in D Minor, Op. 125: I. Allegro ma non troppo, un poco maestoso by Leonard Bernstein
QUART_A.WAV - Bach - Two-Part Invention No.4 in D Minor
QUINT_A.WAV - Little Richard - Kansas City
NEST_A.WAV - Dire Straits - Follow me home
LLAVER_A.WAV - 倩女幽魂 (Qian Nu You Hun - 國語) - Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing (張國榮)
AQUA_A.WAV - Urian Heep - Circus
OHR.AVI - Herbie Hancock - Beat Wise
QUIZ_A.WAV - Billy Mure - Pink Hawaii [1961]
QUIZMS_A.WAV - Billy Mure -- Song of the Islands
SUN_A.WAV - Phil Collins - Colours (2:50 - 3:30)
NANDU_A.WAV - The Polynesians - Na Hala
KIOSQU_A.WAV - Andy Iona And His Islanders - Hawaiian War Song
FIVE.AVI - Игорь Назарук - Н. И А.
NOTE_A.WAV - Dire Straits - News
U_MAJ.WAV - City - Bulgarien Rock (6:30 - 6:40)
ANT.AVI - Lokomotiv GT - Boksz
YOGOURT.AVI - Wayne Wilson - In The Music
ONION_A.WAV - Lokomotiv GT - Cabolo
MAP_A.WAV - Kim Wilde - Love Blonde
WAGON_A.WAV - Danny Stewart & His Islanders - Knock-Kneed Napua
QUEST_A.WAV - SNAP! - Mary Had A Little Boy

But another are not identified. Is here anybody who found out unidentified music from files (you can also name the similar music)? Because some unidentified music sounds like a real music (it can be taken also from show, TV, commercial (like an SEVEN.AVI and KAKTUS.avi) and another). And what is original video in some files (because some .avi are interesting)?

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OK. I'm very interested about "COUNT_M.WAV".

Sounds a real rock-n-roll from 50s & 60s. Shazam and other similar tools identify like a Bill Watkins - I Got Trouble, but I feel no similarities. 

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So. I identified by Watzatsong some files.

JAGU_A.WAV - Frank Sinatra "Call Me"

TIGER_A.WAV - Chicago "You're The Inspiration"

VIOLIN_A.WAV - Midnight In Moscow

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