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Taw Tu'lki

My poetry

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My old poem about freedom.


We are the birds


I want to be a bird
And fly around the world,
Be happy in the sky
And catch some tasty flies.
Birds needn't have a visa,
They search for shiny season.

Men look at me from window,
I have a wings of freedom.
My problems are forgotten,
I'm seeing a fields of cotton,
There my sworn brothers stay,
But men drive them away.

Hey, brothers, I'm here!
No need to shout "Oh, Dear!",
Let's fly with me together
To search for warm weather.
Let's fly with wind speed.
What more do we need?

We are the proud birds,
No more another words.
Let people look at us,
We search for paradise.
Okay, bros, let's fly faster.
The sky is our father!

Edited by BJ34

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Love in every pixel

No forgotten fix here

Magic weaved in every word

No push to believe the absurd

Frame befit the playful

Transpired chaos wasteful

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45 minutes ago, Soundblock said:


Love in every pixel

No forgotten fix here

Magic weaved in every word

No push to believe the absurd

Frame befit the playful

Transpired chaos wasteful

Very good. I enjoy it.

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Dance On The Sky

Who dances on the sky? 
Who wants to make us cry? 

Black clouds have closed sun, 
Unhappiness has begun, 
And people want to run 
From this disaster. 

And rains every day, 
And everyone is gray, 
It looks like we're in hell. 
Life is ending faster! 

Who dances on the sky? 
Who wants to make us cry! 

Wolf is barking to the Moon, 
So cold after noon. 
And someone is alone, 
He is lost in the dark. 

And everybody cry, 
Someone decided to die, 
We're seeing a devil's eye 
And hearing a scary bark. 

Who dances on the sky? 
Who wants to make us cry! 

But someone don't afraid 
Of devil's curse and death, 
And devil will be dead, 
And sun will come again. 

He takes the holy sword 
And says the sacred word 
And kills infernal lord. 
And devil goes away. 

Thanks, our hero, Son of God! 
Thanks for this hero, Our Lord.

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Feels like fear

Doesn’t feel real

Running blind

Sleep leaves open the gates of my mind

Like being shown but never found

Procession waiting for I’m not around

Stumbling onto ancient truths

Leaving footprints on moss of tombs

Old wounds open with new flesh inside

Mountains of shame drowned in oceans of pride

Sun burnt waves seeking pearls kept inside

Oceans of cats coming out of the bag

Shadowy pets and warts of a hag

Punishment all too severe

Reward been beyond all compare

Like being cursed with the strangest of blessings

To often come close with the remotest of guesses

Now I’m mostly feeling the misses


Feels like your reasons can’t be explained

Like I’m put in a system to juxtapose blame

To keep those with power from going insane

Feels like I’m frightened of saying too much

Like one foot’s a piston, the other a crutch

Though I see colours of brilliant light

I end up expressing in black or in white


Staring to darkness and darkness stare back

Intrusive delusions on the wrong track

I don’t understand the one you want me to be

Deep down tired of parts stuck in me

Much to much ado about nothing

Lost the most but still feeling something

Every wrong being cast in the light

Excuses for an excessive use of might


Feels like I never could thank you enough

For giving me reasons, for calling my bluff

Still, in the end I’m just feeling too much


A threat from mother or a promise from dad

A shortage of reasons to keep feeling bad

Like my heart was broken right from the start

Made to listen and floating apart

Venom and carnage stealing my suit

Cosmic rays that make me a brute

Love at a distance fading up close

Liking the least and loving the most

Untapped potentials looking for uses

Licking lit fuses

Can’t always tell my pellets from pearls

Like masses of voices end up a blur

Pulses bleed over before I can speak

A glass running over in spite that it leaks

A path not meant to be followed

Mending high but shallow

Gold affords trapping storms in a glass

Wayward constructions of spiralling mass

Others who stood to see what I’ve seen

Others that build what could only be dreamed


A constant inversion at the back of my mind

Madness and greatness are too intertwined

Too slow to catch all these thoughts

Can’t stop to check out what’s already been wrought

Partied too long with the lord of the flies

Death became life and my truth became lies

I know this can’t all be for me

Everyone shares this insanity

Like reading too much into what I say

Like looking at something in too many ways

The loudest word is mute

Jumping tall without a chute

Forgotten chord was struck

Only so much you can buy for a buck

Logic’s thread is constipated

Love and feel to be castrated

Being overrated

Shouting out the understated


Guessing at the one-handed clap

Patting someone on the back?

Every attack is directed at me

Can’t escape my consideration of fear

Ancient codes un-invented and lost

Yesterday's scabbard leave cinders & frost

Like formulations inside of your head

Can’t really hear them but know what was said

Hope makes a stand in the uncharted places

Familiar looks on stranger’s faces


Not showing up but being on trial

Motivation through degradation is vile

Feels like I really hit a nerve

Like I’m still looking for someone to serve


Feels like I never could thank you enough

For giving me reasons, for calling my bluff

Still, in the end I’m just feeling too much


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I am carried by winds of cold
Deep in the night,
In a realm beyond sight,

With all might.


Beyond a gloomy entrance revealed by the rising moon

I enter in contemplation

A land of doom,

A place of sodom,
Where the dark forever roam

And the damned foam,
Where the wine of life streams,
And in deafening silence screams.


I discover celestial landscapes
As the heavenly skies collide

Like a cosmic genocide,
And the mortal journey ends,

What no one understands.
I search my soul as darkness burns,

Through endless tunnels grim and old,

I am so cold,

But the vision now returns,
I escape the pandemonium

As I gain momentum,
Free from the wrathful sorrow,

There shall be a tomorrow.


Triumphant I return
From the dungeons of hellfire

Great, and so impure,

No concern,
Yet a desire is born,
To end the torment of the heart.

It is no comfort,
No fear, no pain,

Yet nothing to gain,
An everlasting sleep confessed,

With multitude of thoughts conflicted,

Like a spear pierced.


I stand in consuming flame

Now dying contemplate,

I feel so lame,

Is this what I became?

A shame to my name?

Countless days spent in thoughts so undivine

In desolation

Rendering me insane,
I see no end to the obsession,
I fight against a faceless degeneration,
An endless desperation

As I drift into damnation

Swallowed by an abysmal possession,

A restless procession,

Now I'm seeking salvation

For this abhorrent creation,

A mind inspection

And a deep introspection

Whispers a deadly invitation

In twisted temptation

Of a nocturnal revelation.

A hatred intoxication

In severe isolation,

An inner decimation

Resembling cremation,

Seemingly unending soul desecration

And profanation,

My being's devastation,
While succumbing into the bottomless pits of detestation.


Led astray,

Now easy prey,

But do not pray,

Cause I see the way,

And stay away,

But don't betray,

Please, no more decay

And running in dismay.


No defeat to be called,

No triumph for the wretched,

With a scream demented

And to wisdom indebted,

With an iron fist

Like an antagonist
I rise in spite of all pain in grand opposition

From an unquiet sleep

To divine transition,

I am no sheep.


I stand proud and defiant

Against the malignant,

Now feeling so brilliant,

No crying,



There's a stronger fire burning within,

Rendering all harmless to my skin,
It's the fire of my will,

Which shall bring misfortune ill.


It shall bring me victory,
I will neither fall nor stand in misery
I won't ever collapse or perish

Against something so vile, so devilish,
Even when all my being's broken

My hope sunken,

The wounds are open,

And I'm left in ruins forgotten

By my fate's burden,

Even when everyone has me forsaken,
My spirit still rebelliously roars.



Edited by Agent6 : Improvements.

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Dreaming Again

Glazing waters sparkle in the sunset
Dreaming while awake in deep awe
Feeling good enough to get wet
You couldn't believe what you saw
You jump in for a swim at dawn


The planets and the stars gathering
For a much deeper insight of beauty
Continuing to feel a bit dreamy
You gaze into the sky and think
You'll never be happier than now


Forgetting what you lost
Forgetting what you got
You take what God has to offer
And you wonder why you bother
To associate yourself with pain and suffering


There's nothing dead ahead
Just the red and blue horizon
The thin red line that creates a border
A border for your dreams to cross
And coexist with the life you live
A silhouette of dreams to come

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(Nox is latin for night)


"Fantastic realm
Of desolation's decree,
A time of insight

Before the candles' light,
Seductive, twisted blend of benevolence and malevolence

Aspiring for excellence,

But secretly performing wicked rites,

Deep within the caves of Dolomites.

Veiled enigma enshrouding the sun,

Origin's revealed, how time has begun,
Mystic shadows of infernal intelligence
From the obscure dominion of grim emminence
Storms reign beyond the mist,

Acting as a ceremony catalyst

In primal aggression

Quickly leading me to another dimension,

Carried by cold winds of funeral dust,

My being feeling more and more robust

While looking for a sign to ride,

Distantly witnessing a deicide.

Divine heresy, liberation of the self,

Connecting deeply with ourself,
Black oath and madness,

Greatness and vastness,

Fearless and limitless,

Irredeemable for the coldheartedness,

Splitting, profusely bleeding words of blasphemy

Increase the potency of the works of alchemy,

All marking a new beginning, starting afresh,
Mind departs, taking leave from the flesh.

Revelation of the clandestine labyrinth

Under the moon thirteenth,
Descending into dissolution, subconscious departure,

Soul liberated like from a rite of sepulture,

Draco Noctis granting me nightmarish wings of hellish fire,

Absorbed by unlocking the dreaming desire,
Mystic rebirth and deathless summoning

While standing in flames of torturing,

Legion of locusts raising, from oblivion calling,

A nightside creature conjuring.

Ascension begins by dark grace,

Rising beyond this limited space,
Uplifted by the arts of the profane

In the shades of wolfsbane,

Sublime metamorphosis into horned beast

Calling for an endless feast

While proudly rising from the east,

Never delaying in the least,

Standing in awe, beholding the grandeur of lycanthropia,

Such gruesome mania, enchanting all insania.


Harvesting beauty in darkness

Of flaming unholiness

Consuming the worthless,

Ever-deceiving the thoughtless,

Landing them into nothingness,

Rewarding the cleverness

Of those not succumbing to weakness

As shadows meet me in hungry caress,

With glorious, violent vision,

Slowly receiving the gratification

From my acts of transgression,

Tasting the infernal transfixion.


Now feeling decaying inhibitions,

Fading, destroying prohibitions,

Conquering, excruciating pains,

Crumbling, binding chains,
Orgiastic pleasures in the garden of evils

Beyond all human delights,

La Grande Danse Macabre enchanting the devils

As harmony slowly disrupts.

Dark worship enlightening,

New times foreshadowing,
Desire and strength,

Building a path of great length,
Bestial nature within,

Horned deadly assassin,
Morbid glory enshrouds the soul,

Once again eternally purposeful,

Searching for the ancient, feral wisdom,

Feeble souls begin their thralldom,

Unheard are their silent screams,
When nocturnal splendors are aligning the dreams.


Sic infinit,

Qui audet adipiscitur,

Ex nihilo nihil fit,

Quod scripsi, scripsi. "



Edited by Agent6 : Improvements.

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