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PSVR compatibility?

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How possible would this be for the more classic games? I know there was an Occulus Rift Doom in development at some point.

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I've played Quake 1 with my Vive and I've played Serious Sam VR (not the horde shooter one, the full game) and I can honestly tell you it's terrible. It'd be cool for walking around looking at levels but the actual gameplay is horrid, it's way too fast. Doom especially would make you vomit in under a minute if they kept the movement speed the same. That being said, seeing the levels in VR would be fucking amazing.

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Imagine an age where in order to play Doom you must own one of those omni-directional treadmills, some shitty gun controller and an expensive headset. You must be rich and be in peak physical condition in order to survive.


Sign me the fuck up

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