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SOSU's guide for Hexen monster usage.

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Hello and welcome to SOSU's guide for Hexen monster usage!
This is a spriritual succesor to "SOSU's guide for Heretic monster usage" where i discussed about how to use the bestiary efficiently,this thread will be the same but it will be focused on the Hexen bestiary instead.Hope you have fun reading!

Say hello to the dark fantasy Heretic Golem,the Ettin is a slow but beefy melee monster and is the most encountered monster in Hexen.Due to Hexen early on being very melee focused (unless you play as the Mage) it can usually be used in all kinds of rooms and small 2-4 groups up to giant hordes,since it has a high ammount of health expect the player to get bored fighting them so i recommend either mixing them with other enemies or giving the player a ton of items.

Oh god no shields,the centaur is an Ettin but...IT CAN BLOCK YOU ATTACKS!!!What sounds really cool on paper turns into utter boredom in action,i only ever recommend using them in small groups (or better not at all) and i recommend putting them in areas with instant death holes where the player can use Discs of Repulsion to throw them of it >:D
It's a Centaur that sh00ts!!! (yes for me the joke never gets old) It's just a Centaur that shoots a pretty damaging projectile,i recommend using it more than the normal Centaurs because they actually do something.

The Fire Gargoyles cousin,the affrit is a weak flying monster which shoots 3 small fireballs,the unique thing about this monster is that it can dodge :O!!! making it harder to hit sometimes.I recommend using it sparingly when the player has no ranged weapon and then go all out when he/she has one.Like all flying monsters it's good in large areas.


The staker is a pretty unique monster,it technicaly is just a melee chaser but it posseses the ability to dive into water making it impossible to hit untill it comes back up.I recommend using it in swamps and such because of the theme.
Stalker Boss:
It's a Stalker and it sh00ts!!!

Affrit:Evolution.The Bishop is in many ways a succesor to the Affrit,both are flying monsters that can dodge and shoot projectiles in a line but the bishop has more health,dodges at a larger distance,explodes and it shoots more projectiles in a spiral pattern.I recommend using it often and in medium to large sized areas with a lot of monsters since it's explosion when it dies can also damage other enemies.


Green/Brown Chaos Serpent:
Weaker HellKnights.Though they are 2 different monsters their stats are exactly the same and are just reskins of each other.Use them like you would use HellKnights or Weredragons.

Weaker Cacodemons.There is a variant which is buried and comes out after it's alerter so that's cool,use it like you would use a Cacodemon.

Another great monster,it shoots 2 fast ice projectiles which shatter after they hit something which can be very dangerous when the player is against the wall.Use it in thight corridor-esque areas and use it in hordes everywhere else.

Dragon Lich:
The Dragon Lich is one weird fella,it is the only real enemy in the id tech bestiary which can realisticly fly instead of just float,it flies around and spits flame just like a dragon (that's probably were the name comes from) due to it being unique there is a weird way to set it up which you can read here.I just recommend using it as an early miniboss in very large areas.

The Deathkings:
The Deathkings consist of Zedek,Melenkir and Traductus which are basically mirror matches for the player,Zedek is the Fighter and uses his 4th weapon which shoots a wall of porjectiles which can one shot the player sometimes,Melenkir is the Mage and shoots 3 homing projectilles and Traductus is the Cleric and uses the big "fuck you" weapon of the game which shoots whraiths that home in on the player drain their life.I recommend using the 3 as mini bosses throuout the campaign and in medium sized areas also i recommend giving the player discs of repulsion for the Traductus fight since they can use them to repell the wraiths and make them hit him instead.

The Heresiarch is a pretty disliked boss,it can shoot a wave of projectiles,spawn 2 jumping and homing ones and even spawn Bishops!It Raven only stopped with those he would be a fun boss but...he can become invincible for a while and in that state reflect your attacks which make him a bore to fight againts.I recommend using it once or twice in a campaign and only when the player has their ultimate weapon which makes the fight a bit faster.
Oh and a tip from @leodoom85:-"Don't mistake the 3 bombs with mana"

The big baddie himself.Korax is another weird fella which needs ACS scripting to work,if he doesn't have any commands to follow he just stands still and shoots shit at you all the time,i really can't recommend anything for this one so just go wild with your scripting skills!

Thank you very much for reading this!If you want a Heretic guide then check out my guide for it and if you want a Doom one then wait untill i make one :)
As always you are free to correct me and add more information by replying down below.

Edited by SOSU

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1 hour ago, 94's the best style said:

Nice guide, but it seems that "Dragon Lich" is actually called Death Wyvern. This is important to note, as one probably needs to dig up more information about it, for example, in Zdoom wiki, in order to have the set up for the monster right. 

I know but in the editor it's called Dragon Lich :P
(If we go by a crazier logic i can call the Wendigos Iceguys)

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