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Chillax Map.

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Hello! This is my first time uploading a wad. I Tested it in Zandronum. Freelook doesn't matter. Jumping and crouching is allowed. Compatibility doesn't matter.

I Used software rendering. You can use OpenGL. I used Doom II. You must type in console Map map25 to play the level i made. I Only made MAP25 so its pretty much single level. There are Chillax textures, i didnt make them. The wad is pretty hard for beginners, but if you have been playing Doom for few months or even years.

It can be pretty easy. Have fun! http://www.mediafire.com/file/dtubuu39yo5jd0p/CHILLAX-MAP25.wad




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Looks cool ;) If I get time, I upload walk.


PS. there are missing texture, please check. Besides make this map on only map 25, another delete. This will save data.


You are beginner, how you can make map so pretty good? :))))



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I am having trouble playing this wad locally.  I've got chillax-v9.7.3_sf2012_final_xalocin_rev2.wad and chillax-v9.7.2_png_patch.wad and supergun2.wad loaded up nicely (the exact same wads used on the Buddha Fingers server where I play this wad) and it refused to load the fucker.  Any ideas, folks?

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