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Is there a way to merge mods?

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I'm editing diverse mods to make my own, and now i need to clean the inused stuff. Is there some way to do so via slade or....

if not, i will begin the individual clean.



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As far as textures are concerned it should not be too difficult to merge mods. You just have to look out for duplicate names and possibly multiple TextureX and PNAMES lumps, which need to be rebuild if in DOOM format. Slade3's maintenance can help with that.


For ZDOOM format simply stick all textures (not the patches, the actual textures) and/or flats between TX_ markers. In that case Slade3 won't be of use with the maintenance. Again duplicates need to be sorted out and unused textures need to be deleted manually.


If there are any special lumps, they may conflict and will have to be analysed and rebuild manually.


It would help if we knew which mods you are considering for the merge process.



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I'm mergin smoothdoom+ZDKrakken'sRandom+DoomExpanded, my own versions hard edited.


Everything works like i want, but it's in the effects (decals etc) where i need the clean.

Maybe it's better remain the files as they are, because everything works fine with the proper edits and the files are only a few mgs...

But i think sometimes it's better a single pk3



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