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Gradient textures in GIMP

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I do most of my texture editing with some pretty basic tools, and mostly use GIMP for some specific tricky stuff like transparency layers that I can't really do well with pixel by pixel editing. I'm not totally familiar with GIMP yet but I was wondering if anyone could tell me what is the most effective way to blend two textures together so the first texture is pretty clear at the top, then crossfades with a second texture in the middle, and then the second texture is clear at the bottom. Below is an illustration that probably better explains what I mean.


1.) Red is the first texture, green in the second texture. Blend them together, first texture is on top, second is on the bottom.

2.) Put the first texture on the top, and the second texture on the bottom, you get DOOM 2 SKY3, minus the mountains.


How do I do #2?



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As a GIMP user, I would probably just do it manually by layering one image over the other, cutting away the part that should be entirely the under-layer, and then working over the transition zone with a soft-edged, 50% opaque (give or take) setting of the eraser tool until it looked to my liking.  That doesn't mean that there isn't a more automated way to do it, though, just that I've never looked into it.

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I can't be arsed to deal with GIMP's UI, but in paint.net this is accomplished with the Gradient Tool, specifically the Transparency Mode subset. It will blend the current layer into the layer below it, and you have control over where the blending begins, its scale, and its direction (hold shift to lock it to increments of 15 degrees).

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