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[MOD] Heretic Weapons for Doom

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In a previous thread found here I wanted to know if there was a mod that put Heretic weapons into Doom. Thanks to @scifista42 he made a basic weapon replacement mod for me. I have been working on making it into more of a partial conversion for Doom. Here is what I have worked on so far...


  1. Every weapon from Doom has been replaced with their Heretic equivalents except for the super shotgun and the BFG9000. I replaced the SS with the Firemace and the BFG with a Tome of Power. scifista42 previously had the SS as a powered up crossbow as a power up giver but that messed up the weapon selection order and caused issues while scrolling through the weapons.
  2. All health and armor pickups have been replaced with the Heretic equivalents except for the health and armor bonuses because Heretic had no equivalents to these.
  3. The megasphere has been replaced with the chaos device and the berserk pack has been replaced with the morph ovum. All other Doom items have been replaced with the Heretic equivalents.
  4. I replaced the status bar with the Heretic one and everything seems to work.


There is a few issues that I have encountered all of which I don't know how to solve.


  1. 5uQ24Mb.png       I don't know what this texture name is or if it can be replaced. **Edit** I found a Heretic widescreen texture replacement at MODDB that fixes this issue.
  2. kYNsD1M.png       The weapon icons get doubled up for some reason.
  3. I want to replace the Doom Menu with the Heretic one but I don't know much about the menudef scripting. I have all the graphics in the mod file already.
  4. I want to also replace the alternative HUD to look like the one from Heretic.


I will replace the title, help and end doom screens at a later time. I have all the graphics in there but I need to rename them.



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