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Ways to imitate A_SkullAttack???


I'm having a trouble with the command A_SkullAttack, because i'm trying to create a custom LostSoul where he somehow could make a DamageType "Infect", but the problem is that A_SkullAttack only has the option to customize it's speed, any ideas of trying to copy it with commands sush as A_JumpIfCloser, A_CustomMissile (If it get close enough to the target) or a A_CustomMeleeAtack.

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You can find the ZScript source of basically every action function related to a predefined actor in *zdoom.pk3, right in the /zscript directory. You can also refer to the same folder at GZDoom's GitHub, which is guaranteed to always be up-to-date.


That said, the damage type dealt by the default +SKULLFLY collision ( as that's what's responsible for letting the lost soul act like a missile and deal damage upon collision ) is hardcoded to the "Melee" damage type, but you can bypass this by setting the actor's Damage property to 0, then overriding the Slam() virtual function for that actor and shoving your own DamageMobj() into it with the proper damage type set. Just don't forget to call Super.Slam() afterwards, though, or else your actor will probably get stuck in the charging state.

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