Reskined Randomizer for smoothdW.11


The pretend of this modification it's enhance the experience replaying Doom without loose the feeling with rare extrange monsters

Random pk3 based on DoomKrakkens mod. I have edited the sprites to be more like original monsters, added some new, and reduced some monster power to make the game more balanced. Anyway, The vanilla dificult increases a lot.
For more information about what the monsters do, visit Doomkrakken Monster randomizer page in Zdoom forums. If not... surprise!

Monsters Changed:

Dune Warrior: deleted fastchase
Chesire: deleted Fastchase
Dune Warrior Zombie - NEW
FireCaco - NEW (based on infernal and original caco)
Zombie Sovereign - deleted turn into kamikaze
Bruisers - Reduced life in general
Blood colors (see image preview)

Various monsters deleted (all the ones broke the vanilla ambient in my opinion) Link!:

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These sprite edits are really gorgeous. Excellent work, good sir.

In v13, I cannot find the white-clad Chaingunner shown above the Vulgar on your pic, though.
Maybe it's not done yet... ?

Edit : never mind, found it in 3 - SmoothDoomWardust v13.2.pk3.

Edited by WH-Wilou84

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