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Sit the doomguy down


I would like to create a chair and sit the doomguy down. This, of course only from the subjective view of the human player. It would only look good in single play in First Person view. I know you cannot make this work in coop or deathmatch because you would see the doomguy from the outside and he cannot bend his knees to sit down.


I thought it would work like a 3D bridge combined with boom 242 action (fake floor and ceiling). The 3D bridge effect creates walkthrough parts of the chair made out of non-impassable middle textures. The fake floor would create the effect of getting lower (sitting down) while noit showing on lower floor level.


My question is about dimensions. Player 1 (the doomguy) thing has a dimension of 32x56. How do I have to resize the area with the lower floor in order for the doomguy to "sit down" when he reaches the chair, meaning his line of sight gets lower by, let's say, 12 units?

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If you want the player's view to be lowered by 12 units relatively to his normal view height... Make the invisible lower floor be 12 units below the normal surrounding floor. Your question is not this simple, right? If not, please elaborate.

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I would make the chair "seat" into a 3D floor and then instantly lower the control sector floor and ceiling combined with moving the player to a mapspot and then freeze them in place. Do a loop for a player input that checks if they press a key (like movement keys) and then do the opposite... unfreeze them and move the 3D floor back up.

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But if the player were to look down they would then see the seat be lower than it should be which would look kind of weird :D What I would probably do is have the seat as a non colliding 3d floor and at the same time have a Boom fake floor in the same sector. Then when the player "sits" in the chair (by whatever means you want them to do that) you would freeze the player in place, move them to the middle of the seat, and lower the real floor height of the sector to the desired height, the fake floor will cover up the real floor and prevent the player from seeing the height change AND the chair will still look exactly as it is supposed to.

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See the chair and the desk. The last two images show the player standing and then sitting at the desk.









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