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Share tips for people who start doing mods/maps for Doom 3

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Lets share tips for people who start doing mods/maps for Doom 3.


  • Patience: if you are experienced doing mods/maps for other games more popular than Doom 3 then you need to know that Doom 3 community is not very big (but not THAT small). So don't expect to get attention/support that fast if you're starting a project. 
  • Download mods/maps and give them a look: If you want to learn the basics I recommend you to download many mods and maps (start with small mods/maps) and give a look to the .pk4 data You should also do this with the original doom 3 files.
  • Setup your tools: You would need to organize your tools like Map editor, 3d Model editor, SDK source, Visual Studio (or similar), etc...
  • Search for resources: Take a time searching scripting, defs, mapping, sdk and other resources related to Doom 3
  • More patience


General Resources:


Multiplayer Resources:

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