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New ACS scripter question...


Put simply, I have followed the ZDoom Wiki's "Beginner's guide to ACS", and I have written the first script, downloaded ACC 1.56, and am ready to go. But, when I compile, I have to compile the Hexen Bytecode, vs the normal compile. Is this normal? What purpose would compiling the normal code serve? What is the difference, and why can't I compile the normal bytecode, I would assume the Hexen Bytecode would be inferior.


Edit: When I make the script in GZDoom Builder, and then compile it with Slade, using the normal, not Hexen, compiler, I end up with compiled Hexen scripts. If I compile it in GZDoom Builder, it creates a GZDoom Behaviour lump.


Edit 2:

  Error Log:

=== Log: ===
Host byte order: LITTLE endian"C:\Users\barba\AppData\Local\Temp\SLADE3\ACS.acs":  6 lines (1588 included)  0 functions  1 script    1 enter  0 global variables  0 world variables  0 map variables  0 global arrays  0 world arrays  object "C:\Users\barba\AppData\Local\Temp\SLADE3\ACS.o": 68 bytes
=== Error log: ===

Original ACC Version 1.10 by Ben Gokey
Copyright (c) 1995 Raven Software, Corp.

This is version 1.56 (Oct 24 2017)
This software is not supported by Raven Software or Activision
ZDoom changes and language extensions by Randy Heit
Further changes by Brad Carney
Even more changes by James Bentler
Some additions by Michael "Necromage" Weber
Error reporting improvements and limit expansion by Ty Halderman
Include paths added by Pascal vd Heiden

Edited by StevenC21

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I never use the compile by Hexen bytecode because it just gives me errors. I always use normal compile and it works just fine unless I actually do have an error. You shouldn't need to download the compiler manually if you have GZDoom Builder since you can use the script editor... of course assuming you are making a map BEHAVIOR lump for a Hexen or UDMF format map. If you are writing a normal ACS script for some other purpose then yes, you need to download it and use SLADE to compile using the regular compile button.


Perhaps someone else can explain what the point of the Hexen bytecode one is for and why it just gives errors. I get the feeling maybe it's the original version of ACS by Raven or something.

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38 minutes ago, Nevander said:

Perhaps someone else can explain what the point of the Hexen bytecode one is for and why it just gives errors. I get the feeling maybe it's the original version of ACS by Raven or something.

Your guess is correct. Hexen bytecode is used for scripts when mapping vanilla HEXEN maps.



While Slade3 makes the differentiation when clicking on SCRIPTS - Script,

Compile ACS

Compile ACS (Hexen bytecode)


this is done automatically by DB2 family editors by using two distinct compilers,

one for ZDOOM family maps

the other for vanilla HEXEN maps



Edited by Kappes Buur

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To compile a fairly complex script I chose the script from Enjay's Waterlab Map01,

using the same version of ACS as yours. Both editors, GZDBBF_r2994 and SLADE 3.1.2.b5,

compiled the script without error. Then I compiled some very simple scripts in some

of my maps, again without error. So, I'm at a quandary what to suggest.


All I can think of at the moment is the path to the editors, do not install the editors

in Program Files.

Could you upload your script in it's entirety?

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@Kappes BuurFound the problem. I had told Slade to always show results of the compile, and while it was giving an error, the script compiled and functioned.

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