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Interstate '82 (GOG Version) Crashing

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The internet seems almost barren of information about this issue, so I figured why not try this hail Mary?


So I got I'76 and I'82 in a bundle from GOG.com. I'76 is pretty shakey, but easily playable. I'82, on the other hand, crashes whenever any actual match is triggered to start. The menus are fine: there's no choppiness and the sounds all play properly. However, the game is completely incapable of displaying anything besides the menus and cutscenes. There isn't even time for it to show a loading screen. 


I have searched the internet for a solution to this problem. Most of what I've seen are suggestions to mess around with the file name in order to negate some kind of check (which I have tried) and activate a compatibility mode (which I have extensively tried). Neither of these work in the slightest, or even cause different behavior. The game is as smooth as possible up until the exact same point. 

If there are any fans of the Interstate series on these forums, or someone vaguely familiar with the problem, I'd appreciate input.

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Both games are coded poorly and '82 was notorious for crashing even back then. I haven't attempted to play it since I owned Windows 7 but the only thing I could suggest is try using dgVoodoo on it and see what happens. Otherwise it's most likely just fucked. It's not exactly as popular as '76, especially among fans, so that's probably why there is virtually no info on it or fan patches like there are for '76.

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GOG has a pretty useful support section with pages on all of the games that they sell. If you haven't already check out this troubleshooting page and look under Stability for suggestions of fixing crashing. Beyond that if you are still stumped I would recommend checking the GOG Interstate '82 forum page for any post relating to your issue/making a post about your issue.


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