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OK, This time is for real!

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Eternity v3.31 beta 1 should be ready for release tonight. I almost got it out last night but there were some last minute project rearrangements that I saw really needed to be done before work on beta 2 starts.

Mostly this consisted of fixing stuff for DJGPP, which if you've peeked in comp.os.msdos.djgpp lately, you probably know Joel and I have had some difficulties with, and also arranging stuff to make the experimental linux build more logical.

Yes, I did say Linux build. Fraggle was able to compile v3.29 gamma on Linux with very few problems, and v3.31 should compile out of the zip. There are no guarantees of that for this release, though, and we won't be putting out a linux distrib archive for beta 1. This is a goal for beta 2, which I hope will follow beta 1 by no more than a couple of months.

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