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Cool/Favorite Board Games

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Changed the thread title to make it a general board game/tabletop thread, since I love a good if convoluted dice adventure.



This game looks very cool and very Castle Wolfenstein and I'd love to play it at some point. And I'm sure it's been posted on the forum before in the past.


Anyone played this? Anyone play other board games that remind them of their favorite DOS FPS games?

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47 minutes ago, Voltcom9 said:

That looks really cool. I've never played it before but a Hero Quest styled Wolf3d game could be a lot of fun. I'll definitely keep an eye out for this.

The version in this video is his print and play version, so I guess anyone can play this now without having to shell out for it. I think it's normally played with miniatures for the player and enemy pieces.


You ever see the Doom game I made a year ago? I don't remember who ever saw the thread back in the day.

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lol I may yet make my own print and play version with wolfenstein dudes in it. I dunno.

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Found one that gave me Heretic flashbacks:




I'd really love to play this. Anybody ever own the Dark World board games?

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7 hours ago, luckyjack said:

One of my fav is Pandemic, because we all win or lose together.

I liked it better than Forbidden Island. Trouble with co-op games is they're almost always 1-player games where everyone else is just moving the pieces for them.


That's what I love about Arkham Horror: it's a co-op game, but everyone's sorta having their own adventure while working toward the same ultimate goal, so one player can't just dominate the game and tell everyone what to do.



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