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[WIP] The UAC Awards

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After reading a comment from @dmg_64 I had the idea to create an award especially for Doom 3.




UAC awards list:


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Update: I'll also do a "mod" (not a mod really, just a compilation with a custom mainmenu) for every year, so you would be able to play all the best maps by year only with one .pk4 (ex: uacawards2004.pk4)

Update 2: I'm looking someone who wants to write a good review for the maps. I know the maps are great but my english is not that good and also I don't have talent writing reviews anyway.

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43 minutes ago, Tetzlaff said:

I don't really understand this. Is this an award given by only you? For levels of 2004 and 2005?

1. Yes, and because that its an unofficial award. Nothing THAT serious.


2. Nope, the idea is to do it for all the years between 2004-present.

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