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Two problems with custom monster


I'm creating a simple custom monster that's just a clone of a cacodemon, but has a different sprite and can't move. I have two problems with the monster:

1. The sprite will drop straight through the ground. If not given a higher Z position, the cacodemon clone will just spawn into the ground. But if I do give it a higher position, it will just fall through.

2. If I give the monster NOGRAVITY so I can actually see it, when the sprite faces to the right the sprite will be offset far to the left.

I'm using GZDoom: Doom 2 (UDMF), and here's my decorate file:


actor Bathodemon 15000
	SpawnID 200
	Health 400
	Radius 31
	Height 46
	Mass 400
	Speed 0
	PainChance 128
	SeeSound "caco/sight"
	PainSound "caco/pain"
	DeathSound "caco/death"
	ActiveSound "caco/active"
	Obituary "$OB_CACO"
	HitObituary "$OB_CACOHIT"
		BATH A 10 A_Look
		BATH A 3 A_Chase
		BATH B 5 A_FaceTarget
		BATH C 5 A_FaceTarget
		BATH D 5 BRIGHT A_HeadAttack
		Goto See
		BATH E 3
		BATH E 3 A_Pain
		BATH F 6
		Goto See
		BATH G 8
		BATH H 8 A_Scream
		BATH I 8
		BATH J 8
		BATH K 8 A_NoBlocking
		BATH L -1 A_SetFloorClip
		BATH L 8 A_UnSetFloorClip
		Goto See



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This problem has nothing to do with DECORATE, but with sprite offsets. Select any graphic in SLADE3 and there will be fields for x/y offset values below the preview image. You should set the values such that the graphic would appear properly as a sprite in the game. The "Sprite" preview type makes the in-game appearance visible in SLADE3's preview (the default preview type is "Auto" and it does the same thing as "Sprite" only if it detects that the graphic is not a texture/patch/menu text). Besides editing the offsets manually, SLADE3 allows you to block-select multiple graphics and automatically generate more-or-less proper offsets for all of them.

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