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QZDOOM issues (sound and FPS)

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I keep getting a "sound init failed" upon startup, although I can get the music to work. I tried updating my sound driver, but could not figure out how even after consulting Google. I cannot provide specs for my machine at the moment because I could not figure out how to check my specs, and Google was not helpful. With all the bells and whistles turned off (texture filtering, bloom, ambient occlusion, etc.), I can only get about 15-25 FPS at 640x480, and with the effects turned on it drops to about 9-10 FPS. Software mode yields a much more respectable frame rate in the 30s. Any suggestions on fixing sound and improving frame rate?


EDIT: I also noticed that multi-sampling, whether turned off or used at full force, does not eliminate some rather bizarre artifacts whereby sprites have missing pixels, or are clipped incorrectly.

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