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Doomplayer replacer not working

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I'm trying to make a small change in the startitems, i want init with shotgun in the inventori.


This is the decorate in smoothdoom (the mod i use):

ACTOR PerkDPlayer : Doomplayer replaces Doomplayer
    player.startitem "PerkPistol"
    player.startitem "PerkFist"
    Player.StartItem "Clip", 50
    Player.WeaponSlot 1, PerkFist, Z86Chainsaw
       Player.WeaponSlot 2, PerkPistol, Rifle
    Player.WeaponSlot 3, PerkShotgun, PerkSuperShotgun
    Player.WeaponSlot 4, Z86Chaingun
    Player.WeaponSlot 5, PerkRocketLauncher
    Player.WeaponSlot 6, BloxPlasmaRifle
    Player.WeaponSlot 7, Z86BFG9000
        PD71 A 3
        PD71 B 3 A_PlayerScream
        PD71 C 3 A_NoBlocking
        PD71 DEFGH 3
        PD71 I -1


Here the decorate i load after with no results:


ACTOR WARDUST : PerkDPlayer replaces PerkDPlayer
    player.startitem "PerkPistol"
    player.startitem "PerkShotgun"
    player.startitem "PerkFist"
    Player.StartItem "Clip", 150
    Player.StartItem "Shell", 16



Also i try Doomplayer replaces doomplayer, but nothing...


Can you give me Some light ?


Thanks in advance!


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