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How Do I Add Options to my Wad (Slade+GZDoom)


This might have been asked before, but I couldn't find anything.

Okay I'll cut to the chase, I am working on a randomizer wad and I wanted to know if there's a way I can add options into the option menu, specifically one that allows the player to disable and enable specific enemy spawns. I also want it to include presets at the top (I.e. Doom only enemies, Doom 2 only enemies, Custom[Possibly], ect). Kinda like the one PB has.

I'm using Slade for editing and I intend this to work with GZDoom.


EDIT: It'd work like this:

Options > Rando Options > Rando Spawns


And the menu would looks something like this


[Enemy] ON/OFF



Okay so like I figured out how to use MENUDEFs now I need to know how to disable enemies / prevent them from spawning like in PB and how to add a preset option.

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13 minutes ago, Empyre said:

I presume it is because RO has a custom menu.

Oh. I thought it was some kinda strange riddle I had to figure out, like he was some kinda bard visiting my kingdom.

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