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Good ways to work with advanced DeHacked?

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So, by now I'm experienced enough to do pretty much whatever I want in DeHacked. Not turning the states table into a total mess though, that's another question entirely. Now I just have a few work habits to make it bearable:


  • Of course, I try to have the frames proceed to the frames immediately below them as often as possible. I may make them jump back and forth to use some action/non-action frames at the right moment, but I still keep it as consecutive as I can without sacrificing any functionality.
  • More notably, I write everything down. It would be possible to reverse-engineer a dehacked patch without any annotations, but it's much easier to just read a text file instead of following next frame pointers back and forth. I write stuff like, "Frame 123 is gonna have its duration changed to 4, its action to BSpiAttack, and will proceed to Frame 715." and same with every single other thing I do, only making shorter notes if they still describe everything unambiguously. It makes workflow real smooth.
  • Also, before writing down very specific stuff like that, I write down more general plans necessary for deciding what to do, like "this enemy will have 3 attack frames, and need 2 action frames for PosAttack and CPosRefire". Then I can dive into the state table and decide what exactly to replace.


Do you have any tips for advanced DeHacked work?

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