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Drac gets bored, does reviews

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Blah, I've been forced to cut back on my online time, and as such I've been a bit bored lately. And what do you think I do when I'm bored? Play Doom wads? Yeah. So anyways I was poking around my little collection and it occured to me to do some wad reviews for my site. So I went at it, played some wads, had some fun, wrote up my impressions. Ok, so these aren't the most professional reviews or anything, but I tried to give a brief account of how I felt about each level, what was good, what was not. And thus come the results.

Check out my new reviews page at my site:

For those interested to know what's covered, here's the list of what I reviewed:
cybrdeth.wad by Scott A. Smith.
gndzero.wad by Richard M. Sham.
gut-fath.wad by Tobias Forsberg.
n4-evil.wad by Enforcer.
newt.wad by William C. Roeben.
sol.wad by Nuno Correia.
woodhal2.wad by David Damerell.

Ah, and my ranking system is a bit weird so you might want to make sure that you read that bit at the top of the page. Also I'm a bit of a wuss so you might want to take any complaints I make about overt difficulty with a grain of salt.

Yeah I know this message probably sounds a bit weird to read, I'm feeling kind of weird so bleh.

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Wads of any size, but I have to have beaten them so wads with a single level are more common. Megawads are a lot to chew.

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