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Question about "Most online" in the Members Statistics box...

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Just as the title says, on February 15, 2015, there was 9,847 members online. Is that concurrently (I assume)? And if so, what was going on that day that warranted that many people to be online? Or was it just cosmic chance that it happened? Just curious.

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"Within hours of its posting, InstaDoom and Selfie Doom garnered attention from numerous gaming blogs, social media sites, and mainstream news, culminating in articles on Kotaku, Huffington Post, The Verge, and others. The resulting traffic to Doomworld drove the number of concurrent users on its forums to an all-time-high record of 9847 visitors, more than five times the previous record."

Well isn't this nice to see, that's one way to break records, and getting quite a bit of media coverage.

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13 hours ago, Halfblind said:

You know what I was wondering the same thing when I first saw it. ^ I wonder if brutal doom ever came close to that.

Very much doubt it because it seems like a lot of people have a lot of hate/beef with Sergeant Mark IV, regardless of whether BD is good or bad.

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