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Unique Monster Deaths

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How would i go about making a (3D)monster die to the specific angle they were shot at.
Example, when shot from the front the would fall back, if shot from the back they would fall forward. I have already made the deaths animations for the specific angles they were facing. How would i go about doing this? would i have to inherit the players angle in relation to the monsters facing angle, im not too wise on this. Help wanted!

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the naming conventions used in the last 4 characters of the sprite lump names represent all the monster sprite angles. Without any programming or source port hackery, if named appropriately, they will also work on the dying animations as well. I haven't seen your sprites though, so I imagine the animation might look kinda confusing if youre circle strafing around a monster as its dying. I thought about doing this myself but it would require that the monsters somehow all fall from different angles, but still land in the same position.


I don't know enough about ZDoom stuff to tell you if there's a way to control what animation is played depending on the angle you shoot the monster from.

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20 minutes ago, 40oz said:


im fully aware of the angle sprite lumps, but this does not apply to 3d models because they dont require it if im not mistake.

So what im trying to do is, on monster death, get currrent rotation, then check players facing angle then jump to state based on what angle they are facing. sorry if i never made myself more clearer


Currently without this it just looks weird watching monster fly backwards when shooting them from the back, im attempting something more dynamic.
Thanks for your help

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