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ASC - have monster always facing target

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I nabbed the rail bot from realm667 (http://realm667.com/index.php/en/beastiary-mainmenu-136-69621/doom-style-mainmenu-105-73113?start=180). That version can move along the ceiling. I reduced the "monster"'s speed to zero so that it remains stationary as I desire. The only other thing is that it perpetually looks left a right because of  A_Chase I believe. Is there a way to make an enemy always facing its target. It looks a little weird to have the turret wobbling all the time.

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A_Chase has a few flags you can set to control the turning behavior. Setting CHF_DONTTURN ought to stop the random "looking", and you can throw in a call to A_FaceTarget here and there to get it to, well, face the target.


Hope this helps!

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