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My first custom map didn't go as bad as expected

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So i started making a WAD, the thing is that i knew nothing about making WADs and i still dont know much. I would like to make a campaing out of this, but for now i'll post the beta. Please try it and give ideas or tell me if there's anything wrong with it. I'm new to this community too, as well as new in the doom saga.

I have tested it in GZdoom and Zdoom so far. I THINK it's playable on Zandronum too. i have used the basic doom2.wad so don't expect anything new or weird.

Aaaaaalso don't really expect doing parkour, since i was going for a more campaing map. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as i did making it. (Funny fact: I actually had a beta tester before. but my sister wont test my maps untill i pay her what i owe her so that's betrayal for yah xd)





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Welcome to Doomworld. You can "quote" someone by clicking "quote" at the bottom of his/her post or you can mention the user by typing @ and then his/her name, like this: @TerminusTheOverlord


As for the thread bioshockfan90 mentioned, the bottom line is people aren't going to play your map if they have no idea what they're getting into. So give us some basic info, including what source port(s) you tested. It's also important to know if jumping is required, for example. Normally, you would say that the iwad is Doom 2 and that it's in the Map 01 slot, but these are pretty much taken for granted if not mentioned.


As for the map, there are a few nice details, especially the lighting, and nothing egregious that breaks the map. 


Here's some advice for your next attempt:

Mark your key doors. Use the appropriate textures so that people know what key they need for a door.

Align your textures. Sometimes it's not that big a deal, but some of your doors are not even aligned. If you're new to the editor, I suggest you study the controls and different modes so you don't waste time by not knowing how/the most efficient way to do something (for example, shift+R is the default way to reset a texture's alignment in visual mode in DB).

A couple lifts are WAY too long and there didn't seem to be any reason for it. 

Mix up your textures. Too much of the same stuff going on makes it boring to look at. 


I would advise you to start smaller. Make a small map and put lots of detail in it. Then carefully think about the monster placement, taking into account what the player will do and what the player could do. Think about traps and find ways to put pressure on the player. If you don't know how to do something in the editor, you can always ask on here. I often used to find it helpful to open a map that does what I want to do in Doom Builder. For example, if you didn't know how to do a teleport trap, you could open up Map 16 Suburbs and see how it is that all those monsters appear when you get the blue key.

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Here's a video FDA + Review. Also, listen to everything HAK3180 has said because it is sage advice.



Here's the text from the video description:


This map is easy, empty and boring. The fact that there are dead sargents EVERYWHERE makes you feel like you missed out on playing the map, like you joined in coop right before the flick the switch to end the level.

There was also no need for zombiemen to be friendly, they just got in the way and added nothing.

The texturing was boring and there were essentially two types of rooms both as boring as each other.

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Keep at it man, that's the key. There were some cool elements and I could tell you had fun making the level so keep cranking them out and they'll just get better and better :)

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Thanks °u°

I'm making a small but straight-to-play map called Project:Overlord. Mostly to play with dialoges, since the main character says something about almost everything that happens. I'll post the wad here when i finish it.

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Sounds like that should be more of a tech demo than a gameplay map. I wouldn't start messing around with scripting and dialogue until you've got a very solid grasp on texturing, designing encounters and traps etc

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Do work on it and send it through to me and I'll playtest it for you. Granted it'll just be one persons opinion but it could still be useful.

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For A First Map, Its Not Half Bad. Im New To Mapping As Well And I Never Actually Released A Map(Besides This One Time Where I Uploaded The Wrong Version), So I Gotta Say You're At Least Confident In Your Map. Best Way To Improve Is To Study And Play The Best Maps Out There, Fan Made And Official.


Also Here Are Some Mapping Rules John Romero Said Apparently:


-Always changing floor height when I wanted to change floor textures.
-Using special border textures between different wall segments and doorways.
-Being strict about texture alignment.
-Conscious use of contrast everywhere in a level between light and dark areas, cramped and open areas.
-Making sure that if a player could see outside that they should be able to somehow get there.
-Being strict about designing several secret areas on every level.
-Making my levels flow so the player will revisit areas several times so they will better understand the 3D space of the level.
-Creating easily recognizable landmarks in several places for easier navigation.

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I make an effort to play almost every wad I see come through here that has at least some semblance of vanilla flavor, especially when I see something about "first." I'm very grateful to the few who gave feedback after my original efforts, and I'd like to see more new mappers not give up. Too often I see users create an account and use one of their first posts to upload a map, never to be heard from again. I like to think I've come a long way in several months of mapping. You easily can too by practicing.

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This thread has becomed something bigger than i expected, i love all the attention you give to it, and i wanna tell you all that the remake is comming soon. I'm putting a lot of effort onto it, and i think that, from the maps i made in the middle(but never uploaded since they where pure testing) this one will be 10 time better. I hope i get to finish it soon, tho' i do not want to make it too fast and lose details.

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So far so good i think.I haven't made the lights and all that but i added some stuff to it so the maps wouldn't be boring to be at. Also i added the fact that the character reacts to some objects. here's some pics:





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Oi guys, almost finished with the remake. i added some stuff. for example, now you find the red keycard in a loading bay instead of just finding it with a corpse.

Also the map has more detail in general.You will all LOVE how the barricades look now. they've stopped being just two rectangles, now they look like oppression barricades, they also look like the barricades the combine used in half life 2 but... whatever... There's also a vent scene. i'll post all the requirements and stuff when i finish it.

as for now, here are some pics(i haven't done the lighting yet.)






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When i say original i mean it. The one i released was a more recent version i did (well you look at that, i'm making a remake of a remake) , but i had forgoten i still had the original one.


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1 hour ago, TerminusTheOverlord said:

The one i released was a more recent version i did (well you look at that, i'm making a remake of a remake)


Iteration cycles :)

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Ok guys, i'm almost finished, but i'll be out for some days. Here's the wad of the map so far. Hope you enjoy it.

Requirements and stuff °u° :

-It uses the BrutalDoomv21.wad (Why not change engine i though... it looks and plays better that way.)

-Also uses Doom.wad (srry, needed the textures)


  -You'll prolly need freelook, but not really necesary.

  -You'll crouch and probably jump.

-There's a secret!! Go find it folks!!

-Just like last time it's a run n' gun map, no biggie.

-It ain't THAT hard, i finished it with the pistol and without grabbing any of the health kits/armor/power ups. It's "Knee-Deep in the dead" hard.

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9p978be7sw9bvcp/NightRebelionRemake.wad

(PS: How's this for a second try? i mean the whole post... and stats and stuff...)

Here's some pics:





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