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The Extremes of Free Online Storage

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It is rather strange how extreme free online storage is. Dropbox offers only 2 gigs for free while flickr offers 1 terabyte. Google docks offers 15 while other sites don't advertise their free storage limits. I personally do not need 1 TB for pictures at flickr while I need more than 2 GB at Dropbox. I would like a standardization from across the board. If all sites would offer 20 to 50 GB for free as their standard fair and charge money for extra I would understand that.


What do you think? Do you feel that you need extra space on some sites while not needing the extra space on others?

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I only ever use online storage when I don't have a better way to transfer files from one system I have physical access to to another one, so I could care less.


I don't find the discrepancy strange though. Different companies, different amounts of resources. I figure most people who need more storage would just pay for it, so I don't see much demand for that kind of standardization. But I don't pay any attention to that market, so take that with a grain of salt.

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