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model scale in 3D modeling programs Vs in Doom builder

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I am using Modo to make 3D models for Gzdoom builder (though I technically then use Misfit to convert the model to MD3 afterward) and it works, but there is one problem that is driving me insane. How do I make it so that scale of the models is the same as it is in Doom builder? I changed the units from cm to game units so that you can model using the traditional game measurement units (32, 64, 128 etc) and yet when I import the model into Doom builder it still doesn't neatly fit unto the grid even after I mess around with the scale value in the model def.


Anybody here has any experience with making models created in 3D apps similar to Modo fit correctly unto the grid in Doom Builder?


EDIT: Never mind this question. Literally all I had to do was change the game units to meter to 1 and it worked -_-

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I know the feels. modelling for gzdoom can get very frustrating if your forgetful like me. The other day I made a static model in blender for doom, an for some reason it was 5mb. It turns out that I had left the frame data set to 250.I then reconverted down to 1 an it's now like 8kb. simple mistakes like that can lead to hours of frustration.

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