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Megawads as easy as doom/2/tnt?

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These iwads have one thing in common, I was able to reach at least level 8 on them as a kid without too much trouble (even on consoles) but latest megawads have me trying to figure out where to go, find a hidden switch to progress, slaughterfest etc.  What megawads out there could be effectively released as a commercial product, with similar progression and "easing into" the game play as these iwads?  Even the early megawads had people trying to "out-do" the iwads to be bigger, better, harder - even in the vanilla era.

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Perdition's Gate, Hell to Pay. They literally WERE commercial products, with Perdition's Gate in particular almost making it into Final Doom. They're pretty short, moderately easy (probably between doom 1 and plutonia), and Hell to Pay has a bunch of (imo) cool custom assets.

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Icarus, TVR and Extremal spring instantly to mind. All are roughly similar in difficulty level and size/complexity of maps.


Others you might consider (with reasons in parenthesis as to why I hesitate to recommend them quite so instantly) are 2002ado (some convoluted routes/secrets), STRAIN (uses dehacked; also harder in places), Marswar (variable quality/size of maps) and h2h-xmas (contains some slaughter maps and revenant hoardes).


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MM1 and 2 (2 is more Plutonia-esque in terms of difficulty from my experience so far), Icarus, and maybe Requiem.


Nothing else (and not new either) to suggest since I myself only recently started playing various PWADs.

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